About Us

 Hi! Welcome to Chews Life! I'm Shannon Wendt the owner and creative force behind all that you see here! I'm so delighted that you've stopped by!!

I started this shop as Organic Mama's Shop, back when I was expecting baby #4! My first product was my nursing bracelet! It was born out of necessity! I created it and used it while nursing my sweet #3. Then came the Mama Necklaces! Another product that came from my own need! I was so tired of my fine jewelry getting broken and needed something that could stand up to the attention of my toddler day in and day out, while still looking grown up enough for an evening out!

In 2014, I launched my Catholic line of products with the Rosary Bracelet and movable charm!  Again, necessity is the mother of invention!  After a stormy season of suffering, I felt the Lord calling me back to the Rosary, but now with 5 kids, 20 quiet minutes to pray, did not exist in my life! The Lord inspired me to create the movable crucifix charm that works like a bookmark to keep your place as you pray! That allowed me to use the quiet moment scattered throughout my day, to pray my rosary and develop the habit of praying it daily!

The in 2015 I added soft Silicone Chews Life Rosaries! These brightly colored rosaries lead to other chewable products including decade rosaries and necklaces! And in 2016 we introduced Chews Life Miraculous Medal and St. Benedict bracelets!

As my shop changed, we grew out of the "organic" market, and really found our community here at home among Catholics!  So in August 2016, we shed the name Organic Mama's Shop and became Chews Life!!

So welcome! And I hope you'll hang out with us on Instagram and Facebook! @ChewsLifeShop