Radiantly You! Truly Natural and Organic Products {{swoon}}

Nov 18th 2014

Way back in the day when I first started doing this organic thing, the first things to go were the body products and cleaning supplies with unpronouncable strings of chemical compounds.  I'm not sure what that is, but it can't be good...

I cleaned out our cupboards and never looked back!!  But it did take a little to convince my somewhat thrifty and not at all crunchy husband ;)  He keeps me balanced... I've spent the past 10+ years hunting down the best natural products that don't break the budget.

{..hint..hint..} Free is the best kind of thrifty, so read all the way to the bottom for a giveaway!

Sometimes I'd find a seemingly great product that didn't live up to the label.  Like that time I tried to get my family to use clay toothpaste because, organic!  Umm... that didn't end well...  Or the worst is when something says "Natural" on the label, but then when you look at the label, yeah not so much...

So I was really excited when my friend Jennifer offered to let me try some Radiantly You goodies, so I could check them out and tell ya, what I think!

When you first visit Jennifer's store, you'll notice that the prices are great!!  Seriously! Check out this Laundry Soap!  32 loads for only $7.50!  For those of you who like to crunch the numbers, that's about .23/PER LOAD!!  And check out the essential oils!  I bet this smells awesome!!  Reading the rest of the ingredients, you'll see that there are no unidentifiable additives.  Simple!  

I've just noticed they changed the formula of my old favorite natural laundry stuff, so I'm going to be making the switch for sure!!

Jennifer gave me some Invigorating Lemon Hand Soap and Dead Sea Whipped Face Wash to try out.

In my kitchen, 'cuz I'm thrifty, I have an old pump bottle with organic dish soap in it to wash hands with.  It does the job but, especially in the winter, it really dries out my hands!  First off, this stuff smells ahhh.maz.zing!!  It seriously smells like fresh squeezed lemonade!  And best of all, the super moisturizing organic ingredients make my hands very happy! And it lasts a long time!  Even though my kids loved it so much that they used much more than needed, this one bottle has lasted us over a month!

The Dead Sea Face Wash is an affordable luxury!  I love, LOVE, LoVe to have some products in my shower that are a little indulgent (but of course, meet with the approval of my budget hawk husband!).  My days are usually hectic, so when I can lock the door, crank up the hot water, and slip away for a little bit, that's my happy place ;)  

This Face Wash is fantastic!  Thanks to these awesome pregnancy hormones, my face forgot that I'm 31 and is pretending to be 16 again.  Hello acne, my old friend.  I really should have done before and after pictures!  But I didn't expect this to out perform my old Burts Bees favorite.  But it totally did!!!  The next day I saw the redness decline and fewer pimples since then!  My face is almost back to normal!

And now, the very best part of all!! Jennifer has offered to let someone try out some of their Vivacious Grapefruit Body Butter for FREE!!!

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