Picasso Jasper Nursing Necklace on Organic Cotton Cord

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Picasso Jasper Nursing Necklace on Organic Cotton Cord
These Picasso Jasper stones are individual works of art! Each stone is unique. These Black Jasper stones, with their swirls of grey, looks like an artist's masterpiece.
This Classic Mama Necklace features a natural stone pendant strung on organic cotton cord with an easily adjustable length.

Firsthand experience has shown me that nursing babies eventually reach a stage when just nursing isn't enough -- these curious babies get a little bored and need to do something with their hands while they eat. This usually includes checking mama's mouth for loose teeth, or attempting to pull a lip up to a nose!  

I designed this simple but oh-so-effective pendant necklace to give babies something to fiddle with besides mama's face! And this necklace is cute enough to wear everyday, nursing or not.  Now fashionable Mamas can wear beautiful jewelry that will withstand the love of her little one. Babies can pull, tug, and fiddle with these nearly indestructible necklaces with no worries!

I have many other stones available; message me if you're looking for something special. Don't forget to ask about a pair of matching earrings! 

**Every natural stone is unique; yours may differ slightly from the photo.**

**This necklace is designed for adults and IS NOT a baby toy. Children should never be allowed to play with this when it is not being worn by an adult.**

Don't forget Organic Mama's Guarantee! If ever your jewelry should need repair, I'll do so free of charge!