Sodalite Nursing Bracelet

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Sodalite Nursing Bracelet
Gorgeous blue with white inclusions, Sodalite matches everything and is a perennial favorite.
Our Nursing Bracelets are designed for beauty and practicality -- a simple and beautiful way to keep track of your little one's feeding schedule and so much more!
A Nursing Bracelet works like a clock.  The number beads 1-12 match the hours of the day.  The three beads separating each number represent 15 minute increments.  Simply place the moveable charm in the correct "time" to mark the time you last fed your little one.  For example, a 10:15 feeding is shown by placing the charm right behind the first bead of the "10" segment -- easy!  
This bracelet features stainless steel memory wire, real gemstone beads, lead-free number beads and components! (Some pewter contains lead, so beware of other jewelry with pewter beads!)
The bracelet and charm also work great for: 
~ a kick counter 
~ counting glasses of water consumed 
~ marking the time medications or vitamins were taken 
~ nap times 
~ dirty diapers 
~ and whatever else you need help keeping track of! 
As always, Chews Life offers a lifetime guarantee!  If ever your jewelry should need repair, ship it to our shop, and we will repair it free of charge. 

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    Posted by M on Apr 11th 2017

    I have a few different colors of these "nursing" (I put it in quotes because their uses are MUCH more than just that) bracelets and have also given a couple as gifts. Truly you only need one as they are built to last (and if they don't---there's a LIFETIME GUARANTEE!), but I enjoy matching or coordinating my jewelry with my outfits. Anyway, they make keeping track of various things ridiculously easy, all while looking amazing. Can something you wear on your wrist be functional, practical, BEAUTIFUL, and affordable? This is! I thinks it's a totally underrated product!