Stella Mama Necklace in Dark Blue Ombre

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Stella Mama Necklace in Dark Blue Ombre

Cool blues effortlessly transition from Mass to play, elevating your favorite jeans and t-shirt ensemble -- easy, pretty, durable style.

This necklace coordinates with our Americana Summer Collection.

Chewable, sliding beads invite your little one to keep mouth and fingers busy.

Chews Life Mama Necklaces are made of FDA-certified food-grade silicone and strung on natural-colored organic cotton cord.  Sliding knots at the back allow you to adjust the length.

**Please remember that this is an adult necklace! Do not allow a child to play with this unless it's being worn by an adult, as it could pose a choking or strangulation hazard. (For a teething toy that has been lab-certified for little ones, please see our Chews Life Rosaries and Decade Rosaries!)**